Re-inventing SITA
Paper Boat
One Green Bird
 Director/Performer:  Elizabeth De Roza  Director/Dramaturg:  Shelly Quick  Performers:  Noor Effendy Ibrahim, Oon Shu An   Inspired by Ionesco’s absurdist classic  The Chairs , this interactive performance aims to explore the continuance of a life wherein everything is hinged on nothing, and “nothing”, is defined by everyone.  A man and a woman have a message for humanity, for all their invited guests. But it’s in Morse code. And only one dog knows it. To crack the code, one must play the game. The conditions, rules and method of playing are unknown, but one must think big to win big; take the Risk. But can we afford to take the Risk when the rules are defined only in the playing? Can we trust the players? Will the dog speak? Is it better to leave the message untold?   What The Dog Knows  is presented by The Substation under its Associate Artists programme.
Re:Gina is Dead
Landscaping a Personal Myth
Curry Devil
Landscape of Memories