Between Each Raindrops (an embodied memory evoked) by Elizabeth de Roza

Between each rain raindrop

We danced as we used to

Echoes of a distant childhood



A memory evoke

A tiny pulse awakens

And we meet


Eyes meet again.


WE danced

Between each raindrop

Seemingly together

But the eyes never lies


eyes lowered

Shielding us

Preventing us from


Trusting and …dreaming


Between each raindrop

Tears flow ....


We danced once again

Between each raindrop

Echoes resonates from within


The body trembles

As sound vibrates from the core

...once again

We find ourselves

Crossing over the rusted iron gate

Seperating reality and perceptions

Seperation from a reality

That wills nothing


Perceptions of dreams

are imaginations and illusion

for seeds of flights...


The body and soul



Between each raindrop

Unity is felt

the moment

becomes real


Between each raindrop

We danced

We find shelter

From all is and were.


a moment

a breath

a raindrop …


the spirit dances …


the eyes sees

and the body remembers


as the soul soars ...


between each raindrop

dreams awaits

the spirit takes over

and we soar through


between each raindrop

we take flight

and lived our dreams.